106 Movies Watched

The year it started. COVID had just hit, and I was on year 2 of my Shudder subscription when my sister and I decided to watch the second season of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs. That turned out to be an amazing and … eye opening double feature of Chopping Mall and Bloodsucking Freaks. I’ve always been a movie buff, but this was when I started recording which ones I watched.

The season ended in mid-June, but just a few short weeks later, my sister texted me that Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 landed on Shudder. We watched them back-to-back, Joe Bob style, and a new tradition was born. You’ll notice from then on, every weekend I watch at least two movies. Rarely good movies, but movies.

Other first-time standouts of 2020 were the incredible Satan’s Cheerleaders, a go-to garbage bin favorite of mine, Chopper Chicks in ZombieTown starring Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton, and Madman.

I watched some good movies too, notably, Wolfcop which is one of the all-time greatest werewolf movies ever made, the absolutely brilliant A Good Woman is Hard to Find (where someone gets hit in the face with a pink dildo), and the super spooky “they’re here” flick The Vast of Night.

Most of the movies were watched on Shudder, with Prime Video a distant second. Obviously horror is my shit - “comedy” is second because I also watched a lot of horror comedies. Last thing worth noting is that most of the movies were from the 1980s. The 1980s were a special decade, especially for independent horror movies. Most of the really special shit I watch is 1980s.

At the time the tech stack was Airtable for data input, scripts in Python and DVC running in Github Actions. Everything was CSV files then, so it was pretty convoluted but it did work. Mostly.